Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Memorable Holiday Kids Tables

Are you ready to start planning your holidays? I've got the kids table covered! 

My coloring table runners are always a hit. The best thing about them is their magical ability to keep kids entertained for a long, leisurely meal -- but adults love them too! This is a fantastic multi-generational activity that puts everyone at ease and aids conversation.

All runners come in 24x48", 24x76", 24x96", and 24x120" lengths, and can be personalized with a holiday or birthday message.

Find them in my Etsy store:

or at my new website:  You'll get the same great service from either venue.

Halloween Jack-o-lanterns

Thanksgiving Trivia

Christmas Gifts

Holiday Snowmen

Winter ONEderland (alternate Holiday Snowmen personalization)

PS: I also have the most adorable PERSONALIZED Halloween favor kits:

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Color Palettes

I'm entertaining myself tonight by making color palettes. I use palettes like these all the time when I'm designing products. These are going on my Pinterest "Color Palettes" board. I hope they'll come in handy for someone!