Thursday, April 7, 2011

A Very Merry Un-birthday

So here's the story: Around the time of this baby's first birthday, I dreamed up this photo shoot. I was so excited about it. I purchased everything. I baked, I decorated. And then I got busy. All of the treats went into the freezer, for what I thought would be a week or so.

Then Baby got a cold; then I got a cold; then this; then that, etc., etc. Life happened. And, as so often happens, my own kid's photo shoot took a back seat to everything else that needed to be done. So here we are six months later celebrating a very merry un-birthday. No one seemed to mind having a party just for fun :)

IMG_9747 copy2




IMG_9886 copy


IMG_9911 copy

IMG_9748 copy

IMG_9867 copy


Rachel said...

Love, Love, Love these!

Faires Bears and Toads said...

You floor me! How do you do it all. I am seriously depressed for the rest of the day. :)