Monday, February 28, 2011


Inspired by Lisa Tichané's guest post, "Blueprint of a Successful Paint Session" on the MCP blog, I set up a paint session of my own. We had a blast!

My little blue man for I Heart Faces -- anything but a face challenge.



Michelle said...

ooh, these are so adorable! some of the best paint pics i've seen!...i hope you know about the rule to only include one pic in your post to qualify for the challenge though. it's a shame, cuz i could see those little painted feet as being one of this week's winners. oh, and btw- i see from your area code that your from utah :) used to live there myself. i miss it sometimes!

Lisa Anderson said...

Cute photos!!

Rachel said...

Melinda, I love them! Thank you so much for taking these beautiful pictures of my babies! You are amazing.