Monday, November 15, 2010

Maternity pics in the freezing cold

My baby sister is ready to have some babies of her own -- two, to be exact.  So on Saturday I had the opportunity to take some maternity pictures for her.  It was SO cold!  We also had a very talented friend along to share in the fun -- Brooke of Brooke Ashley Photography.  Once upon a time I was Brooke's babysitter :)

I couldn't be more excited for this girl:

IMG_6205 copy

It was really fun to get out there with Brooke:


Thanks ladies!






Meg and Abe said...

Thanks Dindas! They turned out so great. I love them!!

brooke said...

These are beautiful Meg and Melinda! We made it through the cold.. phew. These are seriously gorgeous. It was so fun shooting with you Melinda.. we should do it again soon :) And PS you were the best babysitter ever, lol!!