Wednesday, September 23, 2009

More pics from Tuesday

Working on the editing and I am loving these kids. I just had to post a few more -- this time I've got some of big brother too.


Beecher007 copy
This is one of the little shoes I mentioned before.



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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A preview

I had the best time this morning taking pics of two adorable kids. They were so good! Mom had gone all out on baby's outfit -- starting with the most hysterical shoes I've ever seen. Seriously, the girl had on zebra stripe baby high heels. They were too dang cute. I've only just started to go through the pics, but I had to put a preview up for Mom. Isn't this the cutest baby!


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Saturday adventures

There was a feature on KSL a while ago about roadside eats where they featured the Road Island Diner. It's an actual vintage diner that was trucked across the country and restored right here in Utah. Ever since I saw the feature, I have been dying to check it out for myself and take some pictures there. I finally got my chance on Saturday. I took my sister and a couple of her kids -- we'd been meaning to take pics of them and we both thought the diner would be fun. We stopped for a picnic on our way there and then enjoyed shakes at the diner. Walking through the door was like going back in time. The restoration was extremely detailed. I would definitely recommend a visit (but don't expect your meal to be speedy).


Lissa015 copy

Lissa019 copy


Lissa026 copy
I could have edited off the chocolate ring around my nephew's mouth, but it just felt so right to leave it there :)