Tuesday, May 1, 2018

A Magical Frozen Themed Party

Once upon a time, very recently, this little princess turned 4, and her mom threw her a pretty amazing birthday party.  There was a princess beauty parlor for hair, nails, makeup, and face painting.  There was a photo shoot for each little girl (by yours truly); tutu's and sparkly snowflake tee shirts; a stunning birthday cake; and so many enchanting swags of tulle and fairy lights -- it was fit for a princess.

Love is an open door ;)  Balloons by Malissa Troutwine of Balloons by Malloons.  She's great, I've used her a bunch.

The living room was transported to Arendelle with swags of tulle, blue and purple sateen, fairy lights, and snowflakes.

Each little girl received a snowflake tee and a tutu.  We dressed up plain white tees with glitter snowflake heat transfers -- I cut them using the same snowflake pattern I use for my cake and cupcake toppers

Face painting was provided by Katherine Murphy.

Mom brought in her sisters for nail painting and makeup.

Mom (left) and her beautiful friend wove the girls hair with curls and ribbons.

And another sister came to take photos (I mean me.  Did I not mention this party was for my niece?)  Meg (mom) picked up the backdrop on Amazon.

Ollie makes a pretty sweet Olaf, don't you think?

Not sure, but I think the girls ate more marshmallows than Olaf did.

Oh, and there was some twirling.  Because how can you wear a tutu and not twirl?

Grandma laid out a magical table covered in sparkly gems and snowflakes.  Everyone loved her Lego centerpiece -- and the set was her gift to Caitlyn at the end of the party.

And those lovely gems were irresistible ;)

Princess Caitlyn had the perfect cake, by Amy Doubray.  With a personalized sparkly snowflake cake topper by me.

I cut glittery snowflakes and number 4's in custom sizes.  Meg used them to make these fun arrangements.

I can't resist throwing in a few extra photos -- these girls are so darling!  And they were in love with the cake.

After this party, Miss Caitlyn has nothing left to wish for!  Oh, except for "Aunt Alinda" to stop taking her picture.  Everybody's a critic ;)

(Local vendors are from the Salt Lake area.)

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

New for Christmas!

My table runners are party magic.  Roll one out on the table and everyone seems to end up with a crayon in their hand.  Kids laugh and share their work with each other, adults doodle and talk, and everyone seems to relax and enjoy their time together.  I'm not kidding, it really happens!  So I've added a new Christmas present themed table runner for the holidays this year.  US customers can have one in hand within 5 days of purchase.  Sorry, the Grinch and Max aren't included ;)


Thursday, February 18, 2016

Easter is on March 27!!!

My business goal this year is to launch a new product line for each Holiday.  Sometimes implementing goals is a lot harder than you think it will be!  I pat myself on the back for being a one-woman show here -- covering every department:  owner, designer, lousy IT person, fulfillment, shipping, really lousy accounting, etc.  (Some things I'm lousy at.)  But covering every department really isn't so much a preference as it is a necessity.  The point?  I fall behind.

So I did great for Valentine's Day, decided to blow off St. Patrick's Day, and have worked day and night for a week to complete and photograph a line of products for Easter.  I did it!  And I'm so excited about how it all came out!  So without further ado:

Everything in this line was inspired by a family sitting down to Easter dinner.

I love the little bunny cupcake toppers.  I modeled them after a sweet baby bunny.  They're available in a variety of colors of glitter paper -- for a little sparkle.  I also think they'd be adorable at a baby shower.

This is my favorite item.  It's a paper table runner printed with Easter bunnies, chicks, and eggs for coloring.  It's perfect for a kids table, but classic enough for a family table as well.

Hershey's kiss stickers are a really simple way to add a little extra fun and detail to the table.  I imagined them sprinkled on the table, or placed in a little basket or bird's nest on each plate.  They're also great on the counter for guests, and they're perfect for your Easter baskets.

It's all in the details, right?  With that in mind I dreamed up these little sparkly bunny flags for my paper straws.  The straws come in packs of 12 with the flags already attached.

No table is complete without a centerpiece.  I love Easter ornaments so I made some of my own.  These are cut from glitter paper in your choice of colors, they're backed with shimmery white metallic paper, and then tied with a satin ribbon.  They come in sets of nine.  This Easter arrangement will be on my table until the big day, and its happy Spring look puts a smile on my face whenever I see it.

Everything is available at www.etsy.com/shop/melindabryantphoto

Now through Easter please use coupon code SPRING10 for 10% off on orders of $10 or more.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015


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HOLY COW!!  I can't believe it but IT'S TRUE!  My humble little Etsy shop has had its 1000th sale!!!  It was this:

(I love reptile parties!  Shout out to Scales and Tails Utah!)

I am so honored and so happy!  To celebrate, I'm going to do a sale.  I never do sales because, let's face it, no one's ever heard of me.  It seems silly to me -- embarrassing even.  But I have to show my appreciation somehow.

For the rest of January, everyone gets 10% off.  Just use the coupon code 1000XTHANKYOU at checkout.

And thank you!  1000 times!

Friday, November 14, 2014

Our Beddy's Bedding

Beddy's is my new favorite product.

We have a room in our house that gets almost no heat in the winter and almost no AC in the summer.  Not such a huge problem in Summer, but Winter is bad.  It's always colder than any other room in the house -- and it happens to be the nursery.

Now that my baby is five, it shouldn't really matter because blankets should keep him warm enough.  But THIS little guy is a wild sleeper.  I can't keep him covered.  I tuck him in at bedtime, and again when I go to bed, and yet he's always curled up on a bare bed when I wake him in the morning.

I first heard of Beddy's when they did their Kickstarter campaign.  I thought it was a great idea at the time, but I wasn't looking for bedding.  Then this fall, my son ended up playing on the same football team as Betsy Mikesell's (co-owner and inventor of Beddy's) son.  I took a second look at their beautiful website and knew I had to have one for that wild sleeper of mine.  I have to say, it's everything I hoped it would be (and dang I wish I had a little girl to buy for because I LOVE their ruffle bedding).

Beddy's are the complete package -- mattress cover, fitted sheet, bedspread + matching pillowcase and pillow sham.  The quality is obvious the minute you take it out of the bag.  It could easily fit a mattress several inches thicker than ours, and the elastic is big and sturdy -- keeping everything in place, no matter how much that kid tosses and turns.  The bedspread is lined with minky fabric that I would LOVE to have on my bed.  And the zippers that run from end to end on either side of the bed are big, sturdy, and easy to pull.  And when it's time to wash, the whole thing will come off and go through the machine in one piece.

My little guy chose the blue, which worked out great with his Spiderman stuff.  I like a fitted sheet over the box spring instead of a dust ruffle.  We used his favorite Spiderman sheet and he loves that it's still on his bed.  I love that we have the overall effect of character bedding, but it will be so easy to change the theme any time we want to by just changing the accessories (way easier than changing the paint on the walls -- glad he still likes his nursery sailboats).

(One full hour of cleaning went into this photo shoot.  Lego minefield, and then some.)

Now check out the inside.  What kid doesn't love minky fabric?  It's the best!  And if you look closely you can see that there's some extra minky fabric folded inside so it will extend out a bit if you choose not to zip it up for sleeping.  They thought of everything!

The zipper pulls are nice and big so my pre-schooler doesn't have any trouble gripping them.

And how do you think he feels about it?

He LOVES his Beddy's!  He likes to be zipped all the way up, but I sneak in and unzip it just a little after he falls asleep.  I should mention that he has no problem zipping and unzipping when he's in the bed, so it's easy for him to get in and out.  The best part is, he stays tucked in all night.  I can't imagine that he slept very soundly when he was cold.  Now we both sleep better because he's warm and I'm not worried about him.

(Yeah, I told him to act excited for the picture.  But seriously, he was beside himself when the Beddy's arrived and he could not wait to go to bed.  What do you think of the Avengers stickers under his window?  I could Photoshop them out, but I think they're kind of cute.)

It's a bonus to me that it's SO easy to make the bed --  just zip it and go.  If they ever come out with a king sized I will be all over it!  But for now, this makes my heart sing :-)

***Betsy did not ask me to write any of this, and has no idea I'm doing it.  I'm getting nothing from this but the satisfaction of sharing a great product.***